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The only thing that can “tame” the non-artistic segment of society toward art is the presence of a highly creative individual who verbalizes or visualizes what is obscured for society, what exists only in premonition. Play, announcing the “death of individual style” and “death of the author”, is similar to attempts of annulling Romance or Childbirth. I choose the element of Truth.

Art Scholar, journalist, manager, senior researcher at the Les’ Kurbas SCTA, candidate of art scholarship, laureate of the Ivan Kotliarevs’kyi literary-artistic Prize. Defended candidate’s dissertation entitled “The Function of Folkloric Citations in Ukrainian Dramaturgy and Theatre in the Second Half of the 19th Century”. Co-author of a methodological teaching guide entitled “Acting Craft for Managers” (NAU, Kyiv, 1996), author of the booklet “Maria Levyts’ka” (Kyiv, 1999). Creator and director of the VIVA VOX© project, whose prime task is the preparation and publication of books by and about cultural practitioners, utilizing the extensive interview method.

Presented papers at the “Folklore and Contemporary World” European Symposium (Kyiv, 1990), the Sixth Symposium of Ukrainianists (Odessa, 1999). Has also presented the following papers at conferences: “Les’ Kurbas: Intellectual Harlequin-Who’s Next?” (Kyiv, 1994), “Theatre. A Depiction of Time. Free Associations/Ukrainian Theatre on the Brink of the Third Millenium” (Kyiv, 1995), “Second Honchar Readings (Kyiv, 1996). Author of television and film screenplays. Has experience in administring grants, and in PR and management. Works at the intersection of art scholarship and the psychology of creativity. Research interests include: problems of the study of individual style, the development of new methodological approaches, stylistic analysis.