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Is art “a shadow of a shadow” or a shadow of life? Or is life a shadow of art? An answer can be provided only by the one who knows where the sun is. I am not original in saying that theatre is the best metaphor for life. The metaphor is attractive because of its depth and enduring relevance. The motives of life and art intersect each other: Hamlet in the role of a civil servant, Lady Macbeth in the role of a housewife, Don Quixote in the role of Rocinante... The labyrinths of Infinite portrayals are interesting and sensible. How interesting and sensible is that under the sun, which alone sees everything outside of a shadow?

Philologist, candidate in philosophy, senior researcher at the Centre. Graduate of the philology faculty of the Vinnytsia Pedagogical Institute and the arts faculty of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Conducts research into the questions of mass awareness and artistic culture in the area of philosophic anthropology. Thesis topic: “Mass Awareness and Artistic Culture. Dynamics of Interaction in the Text of Soviet Culture.

Practices the methodology of the intertextual readings of theatrical texts. Author of the monograph Cultural Text in Search of an Author. Authored the chapter “European Reflections of Ukrainian Drama. Oleksandr Oles’” in 20th Century Ukrainian Theatre.

One of the founders of the journal Kino-Teatr, remains a contributor to this day. Participant of the joint Universite de Geneve-NaUKMA “Historical Mythology in Contemporary Ukrainian Culture” project. Co-author of two research collections on the project topic. Interned under the auspices of the Royal National Theatre (London) at cultural centres in Birmingham, Brecknell, and London. Studied the structure and system of cinema production in western European countries at the Berlin, Marcel, and Rotterdam international film festivals and markets.

Translates from English and French, publishes in the journals Vsesvit and Kino-Teatr. Has been translated into English and French.

e-mail: levch[at]bigmir.net