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Film director, set designer, book illustrator, head set designer of the L. Kurbas centre. Born in Kyiv in 1957. Graduated from the faculty of graphic arts of the Academy of Arts (Kyiv) in 1981. Completed advanced set designers’ and directors’ courses at the faculty of feature film directing of USSR State Cinema in 1989. From 1990 on has worked as a director at the O. Dovzhenko National Feature Film Studio. Continues work as a fine artist, graphic artist, set designer, theatre costume designer, theatre director, television director and screenwriter. Works in graphic design and television commercials. Laureate of prizes in the fields of graphic design, theatre, and cinematography. Member of the Artists’ Union and of the Theatre Practitioners’ Union. Designed the Les’ Kurbas Centre logo and original font. Carried out the graphic “staging” of Nelli Kornienko’s monograph Les’ Kurbas: Rehearsal of the Future. Participated in the development of the Centre building architectural project (facade, design of theatre laboratory).

Latest theatre work includes:

Venus in Furs, based on the novel by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch (independent project, 1996)
Don Juan, Jean-Batiste Moliere (Kyiv Young Theatre, 1997)
A Flea In Her Ear, Georges Feydeau (Lesia Ukrainka Theatre, Kyiv, 1998)
When the Soul of the Rose Waned, M. Khubaia (Budapest National Theatre, 1999)
Rekhuvilizor, (montage) based on plays by Mykola Hohol’ and Mykola Kulish (Kyiv Young Theatre, 1999)
Revenge Italian-Style, based on the novel L'Esclusa by Luigi Pirandello (Lesia Ukrainka Theatre, Kyiv, 2000)
Dangerous Liaisons, based on the novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (Budapest, 2000)
Chonhor ta Tiunde, based on work by Veresmarti Mihaly (Magyar Singhaus, Budapest, 2000)