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Graduate of the cinema scholarship division of the I. Karpenko-Karyi State Institute of Theatre Arts. Author of many articles, reports, and interviews dealing with the artistic world, published in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic states, and the Czech Republic. Worked at the O. Dovzhenko Theatrical Films Studio. Was senior editor at the “Debut” Ukrainian Youth Experimental Creative Union. Lived and worked in Great Britain in the 1990s?hosting a weekly radio program and acting in films and theatre. Carried out several theatre projects, which were shown at the Edinburgh International Theatre festival, as director. Developed and directed ...And There Shall be a New Land, a Ukrainian documentary film series, and the Monologues (N. Matvienko, T. Yablons’ka), film cycle. With the Les’ Kurbas Centre since 2004. Developed and hosts the “Visual Laboratory” project.

All arts other than music are unified by their VISUALITY (even music can be “seen”, if truly desired). From birth, we perceive the world through images: it is through images that we are taught, raised, and formed?ideologically and aesthetically. We perceive the surrounding world-and ourselves in it-through visual things, especially through creations of art. Contemporary society uses images and manipulates them at every turn, something we are not always aware of. That is why the appearance of the VISUAL LABORATORY is not incidental. Taking the cue from the finest examples of domestic and foreign film and theatre we attempt to comprehend and renew "historical" remembrance of the beautiful—a remembrance, which will help us understand who we are today in rediscovering our place in the field of art.