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“Light” is a project initiated by Ye. Kopiov (L. Kurbas SCTA lighting designer) and O. Chemerys (“Ukrainian Mime Centre”), and administered by K. Marynochkin.
The idea for the project, which is dedicated to the interaction of the actor with light, emerged as a consequence of the “Lighting Technology and Lighting Technique” master-class given at the Centre. Theatrical lighting in a production is often lacking as to organic integration, raising the following questions: “is light a full-fledged artistic element of a production? How can an actor utilize light in acting, incorporating it into the craft?”
In order to answer these questions we intend to write a lighting score-sequence of lighting transformations, following which we will create a theatrical presentation with actors, taking our cues from the score.
The presentation of this project is planned to include a demonstration of the score and 3 interpretations of it combined into a single story line, 1 hour in duration.
Further development of the project is foreseen in:
a search for dialogue between actor, light, and space;
the development of a master-class;
further work on the resulting production.
The appropriateness and direction of the project’s further growth will be determined after an analysis of project results.
Analysis of results will be made on the basis of audience questionnaires, and discussions of the project by L. Kurbas SCTA specialists and project participants.