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Ì. Visniec
„Histoire des ours panda racontee par un saxophoniste qui a”
French-Ukrainian translation made by Neda Nezhdana

First performance: October 24 2006
Duration – 107 min
Director, designer – Iryna Volytska
Actors – Lidia Danylchuk, Volodymyr Hubanov.
Light – Yevhen Kopyov
Sound – Volodymyr Danylevski

The performance is the third stage of culturological project of Les Kurbas Center in co-operation with French Embassy and “Universe” Publishing House

Phases of the project
1st phase. Selection, translation from French, publishing the anthology „New French play” (2002-2003). Editorial: Olena Levchenko, Nadia Miroshnychenko. “Universe”.
2nd phase. Theatrical presentation of the book with scenic embodying of translated plays pieces (2003).
3dr phase. Creation of the performance. (2005-2006).

„Histoire des ours panda...” by Mate¿ Visniec – is one of the most paradox and most popular plays in Europe.
The performance reminds refined, skillfully crafted trap. It starts by comedian situation: two persons are waking up naked in one bed, and He does not remember who is She. Man and Woman are spending nine nights, nine rings of paradise and hell in one. They are going from complete strangeness and misunderstanding to harmony – with themselves, with each other, with the world...
Version of Iryna Volytska is unique, it provokes different plays with most paradox contexts and makes the accent at the internal transformation and catharsis of personages. Performance is offering wonderful travel – into uncertainty and into yourself...