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The Les’ Kurbas State Centre for Theatre Arts and the TanzLaboratorium

Wednesdays, beginning November 1, 7pm.

A performance is the art of acts created by artists, musicians, actors, and dancers in front of an audience. It differs from theatre in that performers portray nothing and no one in particular-all their actions stem from their own behavior in whatever situations they have modeled for themselves or from purely ordinary circumstances, while in theatre actors portray dramatis personae. A performance is distinguishable from other art forms in that its object of creation is not the piece of art being created, but the artist-performer himself or herself. It is the act, i.e. the process of the work itself that is central, rather than the product of the work (a painting, sculpture, play). A performance can therefore be regarded as an entirely unique creative approach. Performances can be provisionally grouped into four kinds: 1. those proposing the performer’s body as an object; 2. those centered around diverse objects, texts, or elements of the surrounding environment; 3. collective acts; 4. those wherein the audience itself acts with no visible presence of a performer.
The significance of a performer’s work with the body depends on accenting the understanding of the body as such, rather than on understanding it as an instrument for executing motion. This task requires a reorientation of awareness, which necessitates certain effort, time, and patience. The Laboratory’s program includes:
-work with the body based on technique principles proposed by Susan Kline, Barbara Muller, M. Feldenkreis, BodyMindCentering, Release
-work with texts
-contact improvisation
-Bhutto dance

Actors, directors, dancers, and students of schools in the arts are encouraged to participate. Each participant chooses a personal interest, topic, and means of creating
personal work.
Presentations of participants’ work is planned for the end of December.
The Laboratory is run by LARYSA VENEDIKTOVA