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A large part of the Centre’s activity is composed of projects – logically complete complexes of works that can be shown for a limited period of time (from a month to a year).
Project initiators/directors submit proposals for project implementation containing the following sections: annotation, constitution of the problem, goal and tasks, work-plan, required resources, project evaluation, development possibilities, attachments (see specimen)

Submissions are considered and accepted/rejected by the Centre Project Committee according to the following criteria:

- correspondence of project goals to centre STRATEGIC PRIORITIES;
- applicant’s ability to complete the project on a high level;
- availability of Centre resources required for project completion;
- availability of external resources required for project completion.

The Centre reserves the right of not explicating submission refusals.
In the case of submission acceptance applicants ratify a completion date with the Centre and sign a contract for an indicated period.
To ensure control over project completion and the availability of required resources as indicated in the submission, the Centre assigns a project curator from among its staff.
The contract signed by the applicant can be revoked on the curator’s discretion in the event of inobservance of the work-plan and its due fulfillment.
Project results are demonstrated and discussed at a presentation.
Not later than 2 weeks following the presentation project directors submit a report detailing the project’s achievements and shortcomings.
The project is regarded as complete upon receipt of a report: a project completion act is signed and a final accounting takes place.