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Theatrical life in Ukraine today, and its culture in general, are largely isolated from global tendencies. One of the main reasons for this is the economic state of the country, which not only arrests the development of the arts, but also limits the level of familiarity with and understanding of global artistic processes. An obvious lack of opportunity for familiarization with the achievements of global culture not only in a “live” sense, but also through the mass media, prevails. The VISUAL LABORATORY project exists to at least partly alleviate this problem.

The VISUAL LABORATORY project’s goal is to disseminate knowledge about theatre, film, and the fine arts among specialists and creative young people by regularly familiarizing them with unavailable (rare) material via its large screen showings.

Regular, weekly large-screen showings of video material reflecting the tendencies and processes in world culture are part of the Centre’s project. Screenings of the best, most noteworthy and innovative material from the worlds of theatre, cinema, music, and the fine arts are presented and accompanied by commentary.

The VISUAL LABORATORY is synonymous not only with screenings and filling the informational void, but also with discussions, analysis, collective reflection, contact, and the generation of ideas. Work in practice can continue through the creation of individual theatrical and video projects, utilizing the Centre’s technical facilities.

Lectures featuring the participation of leading specialists in culture and the arts, first showings, presentations, and meetings with noteworthy creative people are held along with screenings. An important aspect of the project consists of collaboration with cultural representatives of other countries.

The visual laboratory has no clearly defined limitations in time, and takes place sequentially, on a cyclical basis. Cycles of screenings are formed according to their informational base.

The implementation of the project provides students, scholars, and all interested parties with the opportunity of considerably expanding their artistic horizons, and fosters productive communication in the creative milieu.

Showings (on a 3m x 4m screen) take place on Thursdays at the Kurbas Centre theatre laboratory (seating capacity – 60 persons)

Project Staff:
Project Conception and Host – Stanislav Suknenko
Administration – Natalia Taran, Yurko
Technical Staff: Danylevs’kyi/Kopiov