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International Ukrainian-French performing arts workshop


This workshop proposes to associate a mix group of Ukrainian and French artists and students of performing arts who could be actors, dancers, musicians, directors, writers, stage designers, painters, videographers, sound designers, etc. The only requirement for attending this workshop is to want to work on stage together to create a common theatre play. It will aim for public performances, in Ukraine and in France, as a way to exchange professional experiences of Ukrainian and French artists. The participation in this project is totally free, even if it can be possible to ask participants to contribute to gather, in a small part, some of the material costs of their personal catering during working time (see below).

Working together to create a performance will be developed from an open topic that can stimulate the creative imagination of everyone during the workshop, the stage writing, the staging, the rehearsals, etc. The common language chosen to communicate during stage works is English, even if Ukrainian, Russian, French or other languages will be finally staged in the common play. This project proposes to create a performance as a collective work in progress. This means that each participant, while fulfilling a primary professional theatrical function in the process of creation, will have to work at least partially to some other aspects of the production of the play, so beyond his own personal professional specialty, to contribute to the good development of the work in progress of the all team.

This workshop is offered by Les Kurbas Centre and Performing Arts Department of Poitiers University (France). Vincent Guillaume director and teacher in this Department, will coordinate this project with the help of Olexander Chayka director and Vice-director of Les Kurbas Centre , and Dmitri Bogomazov director and teacher in the Kiev National University for theatre, cinema and television. Pierre-Yves Boutrand stage and light designer and teacher in the Performing Arts Department of Poitiers University will coordinate the technical means of the project in Ukraine and in France.

First part: October to January 2011-12

A first experience is offered to Ukrainian artists/students, from Thursday, 20th to Monday, 24th of October 2011, in Les Kurbas Centre. During these 5 days, practical works in rehearsal room will be proposed to give the opportunity to Ukrainian artists/students to improve the type of concrete stage works involved in this project. This first work together is intended to build and weld the Ukrainian group of artists/students associated with the project. During these 5 days, working time will be divided in 2 periods of 4 hours, first from 12 to 4pm, second from 5 to 9pm, so that the various interested persons can, if they wish, join several of these rehearsal shifts. To join this part of the project, each participant will contribute 50 UAH which will fund the catering of the team.

Prepared from October to December 2011 in Poitiers where French participants will rehearse, a first set of researches/rehearsals, together the French and Ukrainian participants will be held at Les Kurbas Centre, from Wednesday 17th to Saturday 28th of January. This first joint work will lead, on Les Kurbas Centres stage, to a public presentation of a preview of the final performance. Two days of work on Les Kurbas Centre's stage will be devoted to the performance involved in this part of the project, rehearsals before the performance taking place also at Les Kurbas Centre. From Thursday 17th to Wednesday 26th of January, working time will be 6 hours per day organized in 2-3 hour periods separated by a pause of an hour. The work plan on 27th and 28th of January (rehearsals on stage and performing) will be specified in terms of technical requirements of the public performance. Each participant will contribute 75 UAH which will fund the catering of the team during this period.

Second part: February to April 2012

This part of the project will take place in Poitiers, France. It will consist in a 2 week rehearsal time, leading to a 3-4 day workings in the theatre of Poitiers University, which is located in the Maison des Etudiants (House of Students). That 3-4 day will include a final public performance that will take place in the field of the festival: A chacun ses couleurs. This part of the workshop leads to finalise the conception and the staging of the performance. The precise timing of this part of the project will be completed in late October or early November 2011.

Third part: April to June 2012.

To present the final form to Ukrainian public, various possibilities will be explored by all partners and participants involved in this project. In Kiev, it could be possible to present this final version in Les Kurbas Centre. Some other possibilities of performing in other Ukrainian cities will be explored too, for instance in Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, etc. The precise content and timing of this part of the project will be completed in late October November 2011.


For more information, please contact:

In Ukraine: Viktor Sbiiabski: les.kurbas.center@gmail.com (in Ukrainian or English)

In France: Vincent Guillaume: vincent.guillaume@9online.fr 0033 608 28 56 94 (in French or English)


This project is developed by the Les Kurbas Centre of Kiev, University of Poitiers


This project is supported by the Embassy of France in Kiev and by the French Institute of Ukraine