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About the Library

The idea of facilitating creative contact between theatres and playwrights is a longstanding one in the artistic milieu, yet ever since the closing of the “Virtep” theatre website, what it is lacking in a systemization of plays and free access to them. Work in this area is currently taking place at the Les’ Kurbas Centre, which will allow writers, theatre practitioners, critics, and everyone interested to more actively avail themselves of the finest examples of contemporary drama, thus fostering meaningful dialogue.

The Library is structured in the following manner:
1. Biographical information on authors, photographs.
2. Annotations of plays and the plays themselves.
3. Criticism and theory connected with contemporary drama.
4. News in the world of drama (new books, projects, stagings, production photographs).

We invite your participation and await proposals and support from everyone interested. Inclusion into the library involves the submission of a registration card (the selection of new plays for placement is done by the playwrighting laboratory)

Drama Library registration Card
1. Photographs (author, productions of play, book covers).
2. Personal information (1-2 paragraphs), contact information.
3. Text of the play and its annotation, comprised of the following information:
Male parts.
Female parts.
Publication details, stagings (if available).
4. Information on texts in criticism and theory should include only a synopsis and publication details (if available).
Texts and information should be in Ukrainian. Translations (versions) into other languages may be indicated in annotation notes.
Submissions should be forwarded in .doc or .rtf format.

Sei-Sonagon’s Pillow-Talk in the Stream of the Compositional Theatrical Method
A Project by Yevhen Lapin

The conceptual bases of the compositional approach to the theatrical process were formulated by the project founder as a result of research conducted by him at the Kurbas Centre in 2004-2005. In order to conclude the research it has become necessary to put the approach into practice.

The aim of the proposed project is the practical realization of the declared principles. A production of a play is planned with this aim in mind.
According to research results, 3 core levels of compositional structure were found:
- a macro level (a staging’s compositional structure),
- a micro level (the actor’s compositional stage existence),
- compositional actor training
The proposed staging will demonstrate the realization of instrumentation for the first 2 levels. A video version of the staging is also planned.

Base material – Sei-Sonagon, Pillow-Talk
Duration – 30-40 minutes
Artistic Team:
- author-director
- actress
- set/costume designer

Rehearsal Period: 3 months
Anticipated results:
- 5 showings at the Kurbas Centre
- Video version of the staging